Kamen Rider: Thunder Spirits

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Kamen Rider: Thunder Spirits

Postby Eradose » Saturday February 27, 2010 9:52 am

This was a little project I started a while ago. I intended it to be a visual novel. But, that kind of fell through. I'm working with Rensei on a story for this, but until it's done, here's the Ar Tonelico/Kamen Rider crossover...

Cosmosphere Drama Series, Kamen Rider: Thunder Spirits

Wulin City is under attack by the devil king Loki and his legion of demon beasts. The only thing that stand in his way are five high school girls who become the Kamen Riders of this world. Led by 16 year old Ingrid (Kamen Rider Thunderwing), they fight the forces of evil to keep the city safe. But, not everything is as it seems, and Ingrid is not who she may seem.


Ingrid Mawata (AKA: Kamen Rider Thunderwing)
Age: 16
Main weapon: Binary Field Gunblade
-Played by: Infel

The main hero of the story. Adopted daughter of the Mawata family, Ingrid is a bit of a withdrawn person. She finds it hard to trust people other than her own family. But, the secret of her origins may destroy her. She is also the Kamen Rider Thunderwing.

Cynthia Solanus (AKA: Kamen Rider Wreck Gar)
Age: 17
Main weapon: Junker Battle Ax
-Played by: Cynthia

The Kamen Rider Wreck Gar, Cynthia is a mastermind at creating weapons from junk (much to the dismay of her shop class teachers). Over all, she has blown up the school on seven occasions in this semester alone. She tries to be friendly to others, even Ingrid. She is loyal to her friends, and will protect them to the end.

Eva Mawata (AKA: Kamen Rider Bludgeon)
Age: 18
Main weapon: Blaze Katana
-Played by: Eve

Eva is Ingrid's adopted sister. She tries to get her sister to open her heart to others, but finds trouble doing so. A bit of a tomboy, her motorcycle skills are second only to Sam, and is skilled in martial arts. She is the Kamen Rider Bludgeon.

Alice Reiko (AKA: Kamen Rider Prowl)
Age: 16
Main weapon: Dragon Claws
-Played by: Nei

A very happy going person, Alice tries to make others happy. She also is trying to hook Ingrid up with the new exchange student. However, beneath her smile is a heart haunted by memories of her family being destroyed by Loki's monsters. As the Kamen Rider Prowl, she hopes to avenge them.

Sam Darkstar (AKA: Kamen Rider Destiny)
Age: 16
Main weapon: Justice and Redemption
-Played by: Sarah (Dark Magician Girl)

Sam is the top ranked motocross driver in the city, and is the Kamen Rider Destiny. She is a bit cold to her fellow riders, but hides a kind heart. Her sense of duty as a Kamen Rider take priority over everything, but she slowly learns that her "destiny" isn't everything.

-Played by: Nenesha

A spirit that grants Ingrid's Kamen Rider powers, and talks only to her. Her aim is to make Ingrid a warrior of justice, even if she has to force her.

Alexia Nemo (AKA: Succubus Trainee Hellmaster)
-Played by: Saber

Alexia was a succubus trainee under the orders of her clan. But, she fell in love with a human, and left her clan. She is now trying to live a normal human life. But Loki has other plans.

Miwa Togasaki
-Played by: Jakuri

Miwa isn't about making friends. She usually keeps to herself, and only goes to school when she feels like it. Because of this, some of her classmates think she's a trouble maker. Little do they know of the secret she hides.

Reish Ryokuya
-Played by: Cloche

The student body president, and all around roll model of the school. However, under her picture of perfection lies some very surprising secrets. Of course, she lacks the courage to tell people how she really feels.

Kuroaki Mawata
-Played by: Croix

Ingrid's and Eva's brother. He has a secret crush on Reish, and sings karaoke with her on occasion. He has also gained the attention of Miwa and Luca as well. The two of them fight over him, and Reish cannot admit her feeling for him as of yet. Ingrid feels sorry for him and helps him out whenever she can.

Luca Manabe
-Played by: Luca

Head of the school newspaper. However, she tends to publish more gossip than news. She is also the head of the Kamen Rider fanclub (that she founded herself). She also secretly respects Reish, but hopes she would come out of her shell more often.

Exchange Student (name pending)
-Played by: The poor sap that dives into Infel's Cosmosphere

The love interesting in this story. He meets Ingrid under... embarrassing circumstances. He is also the only one other than the other riders who knows Ingrid is Kamen Rider Thunderwing.

-Played by: Himself

The king of the demons. His goals are to rule the world (no duh) with his army of demon beasts. The Kamen Riders are all that stand in his way. But 16 years ago, something happened to change his priorities.

Ghost (AKA: Devil Rider Fallen)
-Played by: Valkyrie Ghost

Loki's queen. She is a succubus of great power, and great beauty. It seems she has similar powers to Kamen Rider Thunderwing.

Miros (AKA: Devil Rider ELMA)
-Played by: Jakuri

Miros is Loki's most trusted servant (other than Ghost), and his youngest child. For some reason, she dosen't relish the position, and it seems she has something on her mind. Also, she looks very similar to Miwa.

-Played by: Herself

-Played by: Himself

Loki's children. Fenir is a werewolf with the powers of frost, and Bloodbane is a dragonborn with the powers of fire.


Chapter 1: Awakening
It's the first day of school, and it could have be better for Ingrid. Her first encounter with the exchange student could have been less of an embarrassment, and demon beasts are now starting to show up in the city. Ingrid and her sister have awakened as the Kamen Riders, and now must protect the city from them.

Chapter 2: Rivals
Destiny has show herself to the riders. But is she a friend or foe? Also, Alice tries to get Ingrid to go on a blind date with the exchange student.

Chapter 3: Allies
Cynthia and Alice are trying to learn their new powers as Loki's children, Fenir and Bloodbane, attack the city.

Chapter 4: Revelations
Ingrid discovers the truth behind her origins. Will she be able to cope with the truth? And what of her new demonic form? Well she be able to control it?

Chapter 5: Dawn
Kamen Rider Thunderwing must now face Loki alone. Will she be able to do what is right, knowing her secret? And will the exchange student reveals his feelings for Ingrid?

This project draws a lot of inspiration from the Kamen Rider: Decade series. As such, here's the cards Ingrid uses as Kamen Rider: Thunderwing.


I hope to have more to show for this sometime soon. What do you think of it so far?

And yes, this is all taking place inside Infel's Cosmosphere.
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