EXEC_DESPEDIA ~ lyrics and translation

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EXEC_DESPEDIA ~ lyrics and translation

Postby Utsuho Lazy » Monday April 06, 2009 11:55 am


Another extremely dark song, though that should be expected, judging by the situation it's played and the tone of music.

by Mitose Noriko

Ma num ra teyys ween syec oz wase en noglle guatrz, ee,
(With extreme calmness, I want to keep existing within the hell of violent black anger)

Ween colgen fayra, Race mea wis gigeadeth zeeth tie yor
(While forming a miracle in the frozen hellfire, let me adorn thine neck with a necklace made of steel)


Hyear, Ma num ra gyusya yorr, ee Dia oz ruinien
(Oh, great lord of destruction)

Hyear, Ma num ra gyusya yorr dewee won clamour yor
(Kneel down before me, I am controling thee)

en chess won vinan jambea mea, gigeadeth zeeth tie yor
(And I will tie thee to my white feet with hardened chains of steel)

汝 地に伏しただ跪きて
Nanji chi ni fushitada hizamazukite
(Bow down to the earth, kneel before me)

聞けや 我が聖言
Kikeya wa ga kotoba
(Listen to my divine words)

 "黒き淵 罪業の 劫火燃ゆ 闇"
Kuroki fuchi zaigou no gouka moeyu yami
(Deep inside the black abyss, the darkness burns its flame of sinful destruction)

奈落の底に 映るは汝彼の
Naraku no soko ni utsuru wa nare no
(The bottom of hell reflects thee)

魂が名 真名ぞ 与えよ我に
Oni ga na manazo ataeyo ware ni
(Devote thy demonic name, thy true name to me)

  Rrha yea ra haf yor,forgandal
(Because thou belong to me)

  knawa Manac yor,Manac
(Because I know thine demonic name, thy true name)

 "刻まれし傷 消えない痕"
Kizamareshi kizu kienai ato
(The wound carved unto thine body would leave a scar that never disappears)

  Ma num ra tictim yorr wis kneet hueaf van yorr zaffur
(Even if thou struggle, it would be useless, now is too late)

 "従属の枷 茨の鎖"
Juukoku no kase ibara no kusari
(The shackles of binding, the chains of thorns)

  Ma num ra tictim yorr wis dhezeall DESPEDIA/.
(Thou art the prisoner of DESPEDIA/.)

その腕に 絡む
Sono ude ni karamu
(Entangled in those arms)

  "Rrha ki ra chs hymme"
(Turn unto a song)

やわらかな 指先
Yawarakana yubisaki
(Thy pale fingertip)

Rrha paks ra chs gigeadeth zeeth tie yor
(I shall become the hardened chains of steel that bind thee)

Rrha paks ra chs shazra cause yor
(I shall become the thorny tendrils that torment thee)

Rrha paks ra chs viega zethpa yor
(I shall become the silver sword that engrave on thine body)

Rrha paks ra chs omnis yor…
(I shall become everything...)

Rrha yea ra infel yor, waze, waze
(I love thee)

Rrha yea ra melenas yor, syec, syec
(I love thee)

Rrha yea ra dsier yor, rol clemezen
(I love thee so much, so much that I went crazy)

Rrha yea ra ruinie omnis yor
(I want to kill thee)

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Re: EXEC_DESPEDIA ~ lyrics and translation

Postby phio_chan » Wednesday October 28, 2009 2:43 pm

thank you~! ^^
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